Ashley Sprankle

Ashley grew up with a love for sports and competed in grade school, high school, and college. Her passion for health and fitness stayed with her as she graduated with a degree in Health Science from Gettysburg College in 2010. At a young age, she was able to see the impact of coaching by watching her father coach on the football field for many years. Having seen the dedication and passion her father had, she always felt that same drive to help others achieve their physical goals. Ashley has always been drawn to an active lifestyle and began personal training in 2012. Shortly thereafter, she had a desire to try something new, and started CrossFit in 2013. It became clear that there is no exercise routine that gets her in better shape than CrossFit does. Ashley’s love for the sport continued to grow, so in June of 2017, she completed her Level 1 training and has been coaching ever since at Strength United. Ashley loves the competitive nature of CrossFit, but also values the extreme camaraderie that it offers on a daily basis.