Open Season is Upon Us

Open Season Is Upon Us…

The CrossFit Open is one of the largest community events of the year, in the world we all know as CrossFit. Every year, hundreds of thousands of athletes from various fitness backgrounds come together as one to compete in the online, worldwide competition. Again this year, the Open will consist of 3 workouts released over the span of 3 weeks, starting with 23.1 which will be released on Thursday 2/16 and ending with 23.3 which will be released on 3/2. Workouts can be completed as prescribed (RX) or scaled which makes the Open so unique and universal. 

It’s interesting because for seasoned Games athletes, the Open is just the beginning as they cruise through to the end goal of the well known CrossFit Games.  Once at the CrossFit Games, athletes compete to be titled the Fittest on Earth.  For most of us who CrossFit for fun (who would have thought?!), the Open is a time to test how we have grown.  Let’s be real, most of us aren’t going to be competitive athletes in our lifetime, nor are we making it to the CrossFit Games, BUT the Open truly is a perfect time for us to see how far we’ve come.  For example, last year an athlete may have needed to scale a workout because they didn’t quite master a pull-up yet, whereas this year they may be able to RX a workout with pull-ups because they have been working diligently on them. In addition, in years prior, workouts would be repeated, which was also an amazing comparison tool. Perhaps a workout that took you 14 minutes to finish last year, only took you 12 minutes this year. That’s how we measure progress! It doesn’t matter if you are number 395283597 on the worldwide leaderboard, what matters is that you made progress.  Chase the uncomfortable, chase your goals, and make progress. 

For 3 weeks, our athletes will take on 3 intense workouts that will test them mentally and physically. The workouts will make them push harder, dig deeper, and take their body to a level they never thought possible. The Open is YOUR time. The Open is when all of your hard work pays off. The Open allows you to be a part of the immense and dedicated CrossFit community. Don’t be afraid to use the open to test your limits, meet that milestone, and get that ‘first’ you’ve been waiting for!

Success is steady progress toward one’s personal goals.