Cory Klinedinst

Cory was born and raised in Hanover PA and a graduate of New Oxford Senior High School. His secondary education was completed at Penn State University.

Professionally he works as a product development engineer for R.H. Sheppard Co. Inc. Cory didn’t win the most athletic award at New Oxford and never made it past the JV football team. After experimenting in the gym for years without any real plan or progress, Cory found CrossFit in 2018 through is Highschool math teacher, one of the Strength United CrossFit owners and coach Brad Heird. CrossFit was the perfect fit because it provided the plan without any extra effort. All that was required was for you to commit to continually showing up. This was the perfect launchpad into his fitness journey. Cory is 100% confident that CrossFit has transformed him into a better person both physically and mentally. He is now a morning person (usually only seen at the gym before 7am), more driven and disciplined in every aspect of life, and in the best shape of his life. Cory joined the coaching team at SU after completing his CrossFit level 1 trainer course in 2019. When you need to scale the workout or don’t hit that big squat PR, Cory will always be there to remind you to keep the goal in mind, look better naked!